Sometimes we all want to step back from the hectic pace of life and visit a place where time seems to move a little slower. These small towns are within easy driving distance of Boston, but each has an atmosphere so different from the city that you’ll feel like you’ve traveled much further. So, the next time the world feels overwhelming, head to the best small towns near Boston. These are towns where you can switch from a stride to a slow mosey and savor each moment.

How many of these charming spots have you visited? What’s your favorite small town near Boston? Let us know in the comments!

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Small towns near Boston

What are some other amazing towns and small towns near Boston?

New England has a long history in our country and nothing quite touches the historical significance of Boston. It is a great city for many reasons but like most cities, it comes with a fast-paced lifestyle. So, when you want to get a little outside of the city and enjoy the fine towns we have around Boston, then we would like to make a few suggestions.

Our first suggestion is the town of  Franklin. This town is home to an incredible zoo, which is a fun outing for the whole family. Gorillas, camels, and giraffes may not be commonplace in a New England town but you can enjoy these and many more at the Franklin Park Zoo. Our next recommendation is a little town called Ashland. This town has one of the oldest bars and is said to be haunted. So, if you don’t mind having unwelcomed guests join you as you sip wine, then it’s a great place for you.

For a more family-friendly location, you can visit Modelville Hobby. This unsuspecting location hosts many slot car races. They also have one of the biggest slot car tracks in the world. Who knew something like that was hiding in an unexpected industrial building? Around an hour’s drive away from Boston, you can visit Middleborough. This town sits like a doorway to the Cape Cod area and a nice coffee shop downtown that you must visit is Coffee Milano. With tons of coffee options and delicious breakfast items, they are a great place to visit to start off any day. Our last recommendation is to visit Salem because who doesn't love a good ghost story?