The Ipswich River Might Just Be The Best Place For Beginner Kayakers In Massachusetts

Kayaking is quite a popular water sport. And while some enjoy the thrill of kayaking through rapids, that type of adventure is certainly not for everyone. If you’ve ever wanted to try kayaking but prefer a more relaxing paddle on the water, the Ipswich River is a beginner-friendly kayaking destination in Massachusetts.

Have you been kayaking along the Ipswich River yet? Where is your favorite beginner-friendly kayaking destination in Massachusetts? Tell us about it in the comments! To learn more about kayaking along the Ipswich River, visit the Foote Brothers Canoe / Kayak Rentals website and follow the Facebook page for updates.

Another great place for kayaking is Tully Lake located in Massachusetts’ North Quabbin region.

Address: Ipswich, MA, USA
Address: 230 Topsfield Rd, Ipswich, MA 01938, USA