This Gorgeous Massachusetts Beach Reveals A Slice Of History When The Tide Goes Out

Massachusetts is full of famous historical sites and landmarks, but it’s not every day that traces of the past are uncovered right beneath your beach towel. Something fascinating has just been revealed on Orlean’s Nauset Beach, and you can check it out for yourself with some careful timing.

Now, we can connect to our forerunners through the amazing markings they left behind. If you want to see these tracks for yourself, it’s recommended that you get out to the beach at low tide as soon as possible. As the year progresses, it’s likely that sand will once again start to creep over the markings and cover them once more. Who knows how long it will be until the next time these treasures are exposed?

You can find Nauset Beach in Orleans. Click here for directions and check out a video of the tracks from YouTube user “Christopher Seufert” below. If a beach day is what you’re after, check out some of the prettiest seaside spots in the state here.