The World’s Most Magical Pool Is Hiding In A Backyard In Massachusetts

Located in Sheffield, Massachusetts in the heart of the Berkshires, this incredible swimming pool may just be the most unique backyard renovation ever.

Built right into the remnants of a limestone quarry, this stunning swimming pool looks like something from an ancient Roman bathhouse. Remarkably, the idea for the pool actually sprung from the imagination of the home’s previous owner.

This special pool isn’t just a concrete tub set into the quarry. Oh no – the basin of the pool was actually cut into the limestone itself. The previous owner commissioned the construction of the pool and imposed no budget on the builders. The only requirement? That the quarry remain as intact as possible.

The company that built the pool, Aquapool, spent about 3 months excavating and clearing debris from the area’s former days as an active quarry. Then, they nervously jackhammered into the limestone in order to build cleaning trenches. They had no idea if the pool would even hold water, but luckily, no major cracks developed.

There are several small cleaning nozzles set into the stone, but otherwise the pool is essentially a luxurious, natural swimming hole.

The current owners say that they bought the property because of the quarry pool. “We have no intentions of ever putting this on the market,” he says. “Hopefully it will be passed down from generation to generation.”

Watch the video below for an insider’s look at this astounding backyard pool.