This Disturbing Asylum In Massachusetts Is So Creepy It Inspired A Movie

Massachusetts is no stranger to spooky tales, but not all of them are terrifying enough to have made it to the silver screen. The story of Danvers State Hospital, however, is so horrifying that it inspired the Hollywood movie Session 9.

Danvers State Hospital first opened in 1878. It spanned several acres and was a massive institution originally intended to be a beacon of modernity and progress in the treatment of mental disorders. However, things didn’t go as planned.

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The asylum eventually closed down in 1992 and the buildings were abandoned. Reports of spooky happenings such as disembodied footsteps, strange lights, screaming, and ghost sightings have been steadily circulated ever since, even though the property is closed to the public.

The dreadful history of Danvers State Hospital inspired the 2001 horror film Session 9. Incredibly, the movie was actually shot on location in the abandoned and crumbling asylum. Session 9 is about an asbestos abatement crew who begin to experience terrifying things while clearing the Danvers State Hospital. The hospital has also inspired other creative works such as H.P. Lovecraft’s “The Thing on the Doorstep.”`

Today the hospital has been partially demolished and will be renovated in the coming years. No trespassing is allowed on the property.

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