Have you ever heard of glamping? It’s basically glamorous camping, offering outdoorsy accommodations minus the “roughing it” part. Many local glampgrounds offer yurts, which are a step up from tents. Inside you’ll often find a cozy bed, dining area, and more. Sound like your kind of getaway? Then check out these three campgrounds with yurts in Maryland. Where are your favorite places to go camping in Maryland? Let us know!

These campgrounds with yurts in Maryland certainly take camping to a whole other level. There are other yurts hiding throughout the Old Line State, located on farms and more! Check this out this yurt among goats, or how about this furnished yurt that also offers a Cornish hen dinner? If you really want to treat yourself, check out this yurt-like cabin in western Maryland. There are so many options throughout Maryland!

Are you more of a cabin type of person? Then read about some awesome cabins in Maryland that offer a unique and relaxing getaway.

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Yurt Camping Maryland

  1. Where are some of the best places to go yurt camping in Maryland? 

Believe it or not, Maryland is actually a great place for anyone who wants to sleep in a yurt. And why wouldn’t you? They’re cozy, and they’re the perfect blend of camping and luxury. Some of the best options for yurt camping in Maryland are places like:  

  • Yorkie Acres Farm & Yurt – Spend the night on a farm. With animals. And pet them.  
  • Savage River Lodge – With some gorgeous and comfortable yurt options on this private campground, you cannot possibly choose wrong.  
  • Cherry Hill Park – The yurts here were recently installed, so they’re all decked out and modern!  

Learn more about Yorkie Acres Farm & Yurt. You’ll never want to sleep anywhere else ever again.   

  1. What are some of the best places to go camping in Maryland? 

Prefer to rough it a little more than with a yurt? No worries – there are also a ridiculous number of other idyllic places for camping in Maryland. Some of our favorite campgrounds in Maryland include:  

  • Assateague State Park – Camping on the beach AND wild horses? We’re not sure it gets any more amazing than this.  
  • Catoctin Mountain Park – Easily one of the most scenic parks in the state, Catoctin is idyllic and adventurous all at the same time.  
  • Rocky Gap State Park – Okay, ALL of our state parks would work for this, but most especially this one (and Assateague).  

Learn more about each of these wonderful campgrounds in Maryland.   

  1. What are some excellent options for glamping in Maryland?

If you’ve never heard of “glamping”, the premise is simple: it’s a little more glamorous than traditional camping (i.e., in a yurt), but it sure is fun. It’s almost like camping for folks who hate camping! Some of the most notable glampgrounds in Maryland are:  

  • Treehouse Camp at Maple Tree – It's not a tent. It’s not a yurt. It’s a treehouse.  
  • Wild Yough Glamping Huts – Look at that, glamping is even in the name! This little place is equal parts cozy and adorable.  
  • Little Bennett Campground – Glamping AND camping, all in one place. We love it.  

Learn all about the Treehouse Camp at Maple Tree, and plan your getaway ASAP.   

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