The Best Chicken Sandwich Is Actually Found At Washington Chicken, A No Frills Eatery In Maryland

With the introduction of Popeyes’ new chicken sandwich, it seems a chicken craze has hit the nation. Many people are comparing the new sandwich to Chick-fil-A’s and other restaurants throughout the US. As folks conduct their own taste tests to determine which chicken sandwich reigns supreme, there is one Maryland restaurant that may actually have the best of the best. The following no frills eatery may seem ordinary, but it’s packed full of incredibly filling food — especially when it comes to their chicken sandwich. Check out the delicious details below and try this spot for yourself. It just may become your new favorite.

For more information about Washington Chicken, including their menu, visit the website. You can also follow the official Facebook page.

Address: 222 E Oak Ridge Dr #900, Hagerstown, MD 21740

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