This Sloppy Joe Food Truck In Maryland Is Like A Delicious Blast From The Past

Who doesn’t love a good sloppy joe? And when was the last time you head one? For most people, sloppy joes conjure up sweet nostalgia. Perhaps your mother made them with a special sauce, or maybe your favorite day of the week at school was sloppy joe Mondays. Whatever the case may be, you can relive that classic, meaty, mouthwatering taste at the following local food truck. Be on the lookout, and when you spot it in Maryland, grab yourself a sloppy sandwich to remember.

Check out the below video to get a more in-depth view of NeatMeat, and to learn more about the owner, “Chef Joe.”


For more information about the NeatMeat food truck, visit the official website. You can also follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay up to date on where they are each day. Go ahead — chase ’em down!

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