An Iconic Maryland Mall Is Meeting Its End After 30 Years In Owings Mills

Since 1986, Owings Mills Mall has been a place for shoppers to peruse the stores, meet up with friends, and grab a bite to eat at the food court. The interior of the mall was quite ornate with gold-finished railings, unique stair cases, and an impressive two-story layout. Here’s how most people remember Owings Mills Mall…

Although this mall once thrived, over the years, it became something of a ghost town. Concerns arose about area safety and it became overshadowed by more successful malls, such as The Mall In Columbia and Towson Town Center.

Slowly, more and more stores closed and the mall became nearly vacant. JC Penney was the last store left standing until it finally closed in early 2016.

Now, Owings Mills Mall looks nothing like the above photo. The building is currently being demolished and you won’t believe what it looks like now. Urban explorer Dan Bell shared the following video on his Youtube channel Dan Bell / Film It.

It’s painfully nostalgic seeing a place that holds so many memories, now a mere skeleton of itself.

Do you recognize some of the areas inside the mall? What do you remember about visiting here? Feel free to share in the comments.