13 Hilarious Inside Jokes You’ll Only Appreciate If You Hail From Maryland

There are some things you’ll only understand after living in the Old Line State. Maryland is one-of-a-kind and the experiences we have here just can’t compare with anywhere else. We also have our own fair share of inside jokes about living in Maryland that may make non-Marylanders do a double take. Take a look at these 13 memes and see how many you relate with!

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Do you relate to these13 inside jokes about living in Maryland? Which are your favorites? What others would you add? Let us know in the comments! Thanks to our sources, Magnificent Maryland Memes and Maryland Pride Forever.

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inside jokes about living in Maryland

December 12, 2020

Do Marylanders have any strange habits?

Let’s face it. We can find weird things about pretty much any state. Maryland is, of course, no exception. We might even have some strange habits that are completely normal for us but that others simply don’t understand. Like the Bay Bridge. We’ll drive over it without a second thought. Out-of-staters? Not so much. Some people like ketchup on their fries; others prefer mustard. If you’re born and raised in Maryland, you soak those fries in vinegar. By the way, we don’t care how long we have to wait in line for really good food.

What are people from Maryland known for?

Marylanders have some interesting, some might even say, weird habits, and we’re fine with that. We love our state flag so much, in fact, that you can often find us wearing it – printed on our shirts and on our shorts. Maybe even our hat. We’re also known for wearing purple, and a lot of it, especially on Fridays. You know, the Ravens and all. The only time you’ll catch us wearing a shirt that isn’t purple is when we’re wearing a black and white t-shirt trash-talking the Pittsburgh Steelers. Old Bay. It doesn’t matter the question. That’s the answer to everything for a true Marylander.

What stereotypes are there about Maryland?

Growing up in Maryland means, especially as an adult, having to deal with some stereotypes about our beloved state and about us. Some of those stereotypes, as much as we want to deny them, are simply true. Take our state flag. We think it’s the best state flag in the United States, and how can anyone deny that? We know a good crab cake when we taste one. If that makes us a crab cake snob, well, we’ll proudly hold that title. We all know that Maryland traffic can be downright frustrating and if we want to get anywhere, sometimes we have to drive aggressively. And…that’s a-okay with us.

Address: Maryland, USA