From 1955 until the 1990s, The Enchanted Forest in Maryland delighted children (and adults) with a fairy tale world come to life. Visitors could explore charming woodland cottages, zoom down the slide through the Old Woman’s Shoe, ride on a whimsical boat, and more.

The Enchanted Forest opened just a year after Disneyland in California, and it shared the same kind of fairy tale themes. In its earliest days, adults paid just one dollar in admission fees while the kiddos cost a mere 50 cents. Visitors poured into the amusement park during the summer season. Some say, in fact, that more than 300,000 guests walked through the turnstiles at the park during the height of The Enchanted Forest’s popularity.

Take a look at the following scenes captured during the park’s heyday. It’s sure to fuel your nostalgia.

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Today, select structures from the park have been restored and transferred to Clark’s Elioak Farm in Ellicott City. Billing itself as a destination where “the enchantment never ends,” the farm offers plenty for the entire family to do. Stroll through the fairy forest that really will make you feel as though you’ve stepped into an old-fashioned fairy tale.

If you and the kiddos love animals, you’re in luck. The farm also boasts a petting zoo, where you can meet and pet a variety of animals, including pigs, ducks, donkeys, goats, turkeys, and rabbits.

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What do you remember about the Enchanted Forest in Maryland? What was your favorite ride? Feel free to share below! Remember the good old days of spending Friday and Saturday evenings hanging out at the mall? This drone footage of the remains of Frederick Towne Mall, in Frederick, might just stir some warm memories (and make you a bit sad as to the mall’s ultimate fate.)

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