Mallows Bay is located in Charles County and is known as the largest shipwreck fleet in the western hemisphere. Many locals refer to it as the Ghost Fleet of Mallows Bay.

Over 230 ships rest here, most of which were steamships built during World War I. During World War II, some of of the metal was recovered from the abandoned ships for reuse. The ships now form a reef that contains an abundance of wildlife. Not many people know that you can actually visit this site and canoe or kayak among the wreckage.

This stunning drone footage caught in Maryland was shot by Mike Purks. It reveals a rare glimpse of Mallows Bay from overhead. Although some may find the hundreds of abandoned ships eerie, there is a peaceful vibe about this unique location.

Have you been to Mallows Bay or would you consider taking a canoe trip among this historical ship graveyard? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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