Daniels Is One Of The Strangest Places You Can Go In Maryland

If you’re looking to visit a strange place in Maryland, have we got the spot for you: Daniels, a legit ghost town. What could be stranger and more mysterious than an abandoned town?

Daniels was once a thriving Maryland town. Founded in 1810 by a man named Thomas Ely (the town was once called Elysville after him), the town, situated on the Patapsco River, was centered around a textile mill. Shops, restaurants, churches, even a railroad station – all of this could be found at Daniels. But when the mill closed in the 1960s and a hurricane struck Daniels, the lively town faded away almost as fast as it began.

Now Daniels is an eerie ghost town in the forest, entirely abandoned. You can still see the remains of a church and other parts of the town while exploring out here. It’s certainly strange to see the forest reclaim a once thriving town.

During these uncertain times, please keep safety in mind and consider adding destinations to your bucket list to visit at a later date.

Maryland is filled with very strange spots you can visit, but Daniels is easily the strangest. It’s certainly unsettling and bizarre to see a place once filled with so much life now reduced to crumbling ruins. Daniels might have died out, but its remains are still here. Just remember to exercise caution while exploring this ghost town!

Address: Daniels, MD 21244, USA