Not many Marylanders know that a hidden ghost town lies north of Old Ellicott City, straddling the Patapsco River. Daniels, MD – formerly known as Elysville – was formed in 1810. A booming textile mill was built and soon the families who worked there moved into the area. In 1968, the 90 families who resided there for several years were given notice to move, as the textile mill would be closing and town housing would be terminated.

Today, only a few crumbling ruins remain of the town. Vines now cover the historic structures and each year more of it weathers away. Although somewhat sad, there is beauty in what is left of this abandoned Maryland town. Take a look.

You can find more information about the Daniels area of Patapsco Valley State Park here. If you’re into adventures off the beaten path, you should explore this area at least once.

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