The Remnants Of This Abandoned Fort In Maryland Are Hauntingly Beautiful

One of many abandoned places in Maryland, Fort Carroll can be found on the Patapsco River near Baltimore. This hexagonal, artificial island was built in 1847 as a defense spot to protect the city. It was placed with thirty cannon and was manned during the Spanish-American War and Civil War but never got much use. After World War I, the Army removed and transferred guns and equipment from Fort Carroll to Fort Howard, leaving the military island completely abandoned. For a brief time during World War II, it was used as an Army firing range and vessels checkpoint, but once again that time was brief and Fort Carroll was left alone on the river where it stays to this day.

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The following video by Youtube user funkervogt47 shows what it’s like inside the fortress. This is only the first video of his series on Fort Carroll. Make sure to check out the rest.

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