Most People Have No Idea One Of The Best Wineries In America Is In A Maine Farmhouse

Sure, you can hop on a flight and tour wine country in California. But, you’d spend a ton of money, increase your carbon footprint and be 3,200 miles away from your beloved state of Maine. If that’s not bad enough, you’d be missing out on the small winery that Food & Wine magazine named to its list of best ciders in America. Delicious cider and sparkling wine with a beautiful Maine farmhouse… this place might just be heaven for wine lovers.

Oyster River Winegrowers is located at 929 Oyster River Rd., Warren, Maine. You can find them throughout the United States in these stores. Or, you can join their wine club here. Learn more on their website or on Facebook. Owner Brian Smith also does consulting on all things vineyard. Get in touch with him if you have specific questions.

This isn’t the only great winery in Maine. Check out this beauty in Lincolnville for one of the best-known wineries in the state.