You Can Stay In A Maine Wildlife Refuge At The Four Season Tomhegan Wilderness Cabins

Going “upta camp” is as much a part of life in Maine as bundling up on a fall day because the weather could turn at any moment! You’ll find camps on just about every lake, pond, or river and often just in a beautiful piece of forest. The only problem is that many of those with camps are forced to close them down for the season when the weather gets cold. If this burns your biscuits as much as it does ours, you’ll love that these camps offer year-round access to the beauty of the outdoors.

Tomhegan Wilderness Cabins can be booked all year long. Availability varies throughout the year, so it’s best to plan in advance. You can visit their website to learn more about the accommodation options, prices, and availability. You can also follow them on Facebook. They can be reached at 207-534-7712.

Another fantastic year-round spot can be found in the woods of Winthrop. An overnight stay at this secluded cabin in Maine costs less than $100 a night and will take you back in time.

Address: Tomhegan Wilderness Cabins, 832 Spinney Rd, Rockwood, ME 04478, USA