Have you been looking for a hike that not many people take? There’s a lot to say about this little-known hiking trail in Maine, but Peggity’s Path is charming in its own way. McLellan-Poor Preserve in Maine is astounding. Out here, it’s just you and the trees enjoying a day in the sun, hiking in Maine. Doesn’t that sound amazing? This is a bucket list item for when you need to be alone for a while. Let’s take a look at one of the best hiking trails in Maine.

If you’d like to read the week’s weather forecast, reviews from other hikers of this trail, or see the full trail map, check out Peggity’s Path on AllTrails. Having you been on this hike? Do you have any other favorite hiking trails in Maine? Let us know in the comments. If you’re looking for more great hikes, take a look at these hidden gem Maine hiking trails.

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Natural Attractions in Maine

What are the most incredible natural attractions in Maine?

The most incredible natural attractions in Maine include:

  • Smalls Falls. These waterfalls on the Sandy River are utterly gorgeous and there’s a wonderful swimming hole at the bottom of them.
  • Bubble Rock. This misplaced boulder is known as a “glacial erratic”, which is when glacial movement carries an object many miles from its original location.
  • Acadia National Park. Few places are as beautiful as where the forest meets the ocean, and the lush green trees and the sea breeze are no exception here.
  • The Cutler Coast. Also known as The Bold Coast, this shoreline area is full of rugged cliffs, gorgeous trees, and a lovely sea view.

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What are the most beautiful lakes in Maine?

The most beautiful lakes in Maine include:

  • Norway Lake. This is a gorgeous lake with small islands in the middle of it. It is also called Pennesseewassee Lake.
  • Messalonskee Lake. This is a nine-mile-long lake that has so much wildlife around it. If you’re lucky you may even see a bald eagle!
  • Parlin Pond. This little lake is a slice of heaven and is surprisingly shallow, with a depth reaching only 32 feet.
  • Great East Lake. This lovely lake on the border of Maine and New Hampshire is not only beautiful but is an excellent fishing spot.

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What are the best bucket-list natural wonders in Maine?

The best bucket-list natural wonders in Maine include:

  • The Reversing Falls. These are part of the Pembroke Falls and the shifting waters due to tidal pressure makes it look like a waterfall in reverse.
  • Thunder Hole. Located in Acadia National Park, this is a small sea cave that makes a booming sound when the waves strike it.
  • Mount Katahdin. The name of this mountain means “The Greatest Mountain” in the Penobscot language, and it’s easy to see why.
  • Gulf Hagas. This stunning gorge is known as the Grand Canyon of Maine and it is three moles of utter gorgeousness.

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