Everyone In Maine Should Take This Underappreciated Scenic Drive

From hikes to boat rides to nights spent sleeping peacefully above the trees, there are lots of ways to enjoy the immense beauty of Maine. But, unless you’ve got at least a week to spend doing it all, you’re probably going to have to choose just one or two things to see in a short period of time. That’s why a scenic drive can be one of the best ways to see and enjoy as much of Maine as possible. This particular beautiful scenic drive in Maine might be one of the best ways to maximize your time. So, fuel up, grab some snacks and get out there!

For driving directions that you can use from your own starting point, click here.

While we’re huge believers in the idea that the journey is as important as the destination, we also think sometimes a drive is worth taking even if there’s just one fun thing waiting for you at the end. A great example? This huge blueberry-themed store in Columbia Falls!