Bresca And The Honey Bee Is An Unassuming Spot In Maine That Doesn’t Look Like Much, But The Food Is Unforgettable

Bresca and the Honey Bee is a hidden gem that’s tucked away at Outlet Beach in Maine. Along with being known for its fresh and scrumptious locally sourced food, it’s the place to go for some of the best ice cream around.

Located on Sabbathday Lake, Bresca and the Honey Bee is based in a landmark that’s been standing since the late 1700s. Therefore, the history of the area and scenery, add to the experience when you grab a bite at this delicious gem in Maine.

Due to weather conditions, Bresca and the Honey Bee is open from 9 am to 5 pm, during the Memorial Day to Labor Day season, Remember to bring cash with you when you go too!


To learn about this hidden gem in Maine, check out Bresca & the Honeybee’s menu and website here.

Address: Bresca & the Honeybee, 106 Outlet Rd, New Gloucester, ME 04260, USA