You’ll Love The Food At This Unassuming Maine General Store In The Middle Of Nowhere

People travel from states away to visit the restaurants and food trucks of Portland. What they don’t know could save them a lot in gas. There are tons of wonderful little spots dotting the Maine coast and inland regions with even better menus than those in the bigger cities. From outside, these family-run establishments might not look like much. But in reality, they’ve got the coziest, homiest dishes around. If you’re looking for one of the best, try this general store with great food in Maine!


Melby’s Market & Eatery can be found at 927 Valley Rd., North Waterford, Maine. They can be reached on (207) 583-4447. You can also check them out on Facebook for a taste of what’s on special each day. If you’re looking to enjoy more Maine general stores, check out these 7 options located throughout the state. All are local gems that offer more than just food!