Take This Maine Tube Ride For An Epic Winter Adventure

A lot of Maine has officially had their first snowfall, which means fall just might be over. But, the good news is that snow means winter! Winter means snow! And both of those things mean that Maine weather is in full effect. Before you despair at the fact that it’s likely to be a few months before we can comfortably go to the beach again, remember that winter means skiing, snowmobiling and tubing. For one of the most fun tubing adventures in Maine, check out this place you might normally only visit during the summer.

Seacoast Adventure is located at 930 Roosevelt Trail in Windham, Maine. The tubing lanes open for the season at the end of December, but you can buy tickets now to reserve your spot. Check their calendar to choose your time. And, check out their website, winter brochure and Facebook. You can give them a call on 207-892-5952.

We’re lucky that there are lots of places to go go snowtubing in Maine. Here’s another great option!