This Top Secret Beach In Maine You Will Want To Put On Your Summer Bucket List

We all know that Maine has the most pristine coastline in New England. Just ask anyone who’s read our other articles about the coast! In all seriousness, we DO have a pretty incredible coastline and you might be surprised to learn that it’s actually longer than that of California. What other secrets do we harbor? Plenty! And the beach we’re sharing with you today is one of the best. Tucked in an out of the way place in Wells, you’ll need to take a walk through a lush forest in order to find Laudholm Beach!

Wells Reserve at Laudholm is located at 342 Laudholm Farm Road in Wells. You can call them on 207-646-1555. Check them out on Facebook or on their website for more information on upcoming events, talks and tours. So let us know if you have been to Laudholm Beach, its tucked away but completely worth the trip.

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Address: Laudholm Beach, Maine 04090, USA
The OIYS Visitor Center

Laudholm Beach

June 27, 2022

What is the Wells Reserve at Laudholm?

Look at you asking all the smart questions! First off the Wells Reserve at Laudholm is a place where the mission is to learn, maintain, and protect the ecosystem of land and sea in that area. Much research has been done in this location and much hard work has gone on to the preservation of the land for future enjoyment. 

What kind of activities can you find at the Wells Reserve at Laudholm?

There are plenty of great activities throughout the property. One of the easiest and most accessible options are the trails. There are three trials that make paths through lush forests, big fields, marshes, and of course the trail leading to the beach. You can also spend time at the beach relaxing or looking for shells. They offer guided walks and kayak tours as well. Looking ahead at the schedule will help you to determine the best time to visit. Events geared towards kids and educational talks are regularly planned. Even concerts and weddings have been planned on this gorgeous land. A full list of activities and events can be found on the Wells Reserve at Lundholm website. 

What are other beaches nearby Wells?

Wells Maine has a pretty large coastline which allows for some pretty fantastic beaches. So here are four beaches to try in Well’s Maine. Crescent Beach is a great location for some fun in the sun. Drakes Island Beach is a fun place to walk out on a rocky jetty. Of course, you have the very popular Wells Beach which is popular for a reason. Then we have Sea Wall Beach which is tucked away on the southern corner of Drakes Island Beach. If you like the hidden beach method then check out this expert guide to hidden beaches around Maine.

Address: Laudholm Beach, Maine 04090, USA