This Tiny Drive In May Just Be The Best Kept Secret In Maine

Few things are as classic as American drive-in restaurants. Delighting communities across the country for decades with both great food and fun, they offer a place for locals to come together. It might be disheartening to see these community institutions being replaced by faster, brighter and less distinct national chains. But, Mainers are lucky! We still have some great examples of classic drive-ins that are not only open, but thriving! Fast Eddie’s is a great example and we couldn’t be more thankful that it’s not only still around but continuing to excite locals and visitors every single day.

Fast Eddie’s Drive-In is open from 11am to 9pm every day. They’re located at 1308 Route US-202 in Winthrop and you can call them on (207) 377-5550. Check out the menu online or visit them on Facebook to keep up with daily specials and to see tons of photos from past cruise nights.

There’s another timeless Maine restaurant hiding out in Waldaboro. Check it out here.