16 Things That Come To Everyone’s Mind When They Think of Maine

As the Only in Maine writer, I spend quite a bit of time thinking of Maine. While I probably spend more time thinking about this state than the average person, I have to assume that there are a fair number of people right this second thinking about our state and wishing they were here. But, what exactly comes to everyone’s mind when they think of Maine? I know people must think of lobster (and yes, it’s on the list below) and coastline, but true Mainers and those who love this state probably think about a lot more.

In today’s list I’ve explored just a few of the things that I know come to mind when we sit and daydream about our perfect state. Take a look and, as you read it, think about how often you’ve thought these things. You might be surprised at how often your mind wanders to the glories of Maine.

Now that you’ve seen my list, share yours with us! What comes to mind when YOU think of Maine. Why is it so special to you?