Take A Sunset Canoe Tour At Scarborough Marsh, A Unique Nature Sanctuary In Maine

Few things inspire as much peace and awe as the rising and setting sun. Whether a soft, welcoming sunrise or a bold, show-stopping sunset, these fleeting, golden hour snapshots bookend each day with vibrant colors and patterns that have inspired centuries of artists. Here in our cozy corner of the country, Maine is blessed with being one of the first to see the sun’s face each morning, as well as having an abundance of spectacular overlooks and coastal cliffs from which to drink in the sunset each evening. But while our state’s rugged coast is the perfect place to catch the splendor of the sun’s daily displays, we think there are some pretty fantastic spots to catch a sunset away from the ocean too! Scarborough Marsh is one such inland gem that boasts some particularly stunning sun-soaked scenery that – uniquely – can be experienced up close and personal without the hike or beach crowds. Take a look:

A guided sunset paddle tour is an incredible way to spend an evening on the coast! Whether you wake up early to catch the pastel hues of sunrise on your own or bask in the showy colors of sunset on a tour with the Audubon Center, Scarborough Marsh is a truly special place to reap the rewards of Maine’s best colors. If you’ve ever visited, let us know!

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Address: Scarboro Marshes, Scarborough, ME 04074, USA