Enjoy A Night Of Ice Skating And Snow Globe Dining At Maine’s Own Pineland Farms

Winter in Maine is no joke. Spend even just a few months here during the off-season and you’ll know that to be true. But that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy ourselves in the wintertime! There are a ton of fun things to do here in the winter, such as ice skating in Maine. With fun outdoor activities to take part in, the winter in Maine and the coldest months of the year aren’t so hard to get through! One such place to do some great winter activities is Pineland Farms, one of the most beloved farms in the state!

Learn more about Pineland Farm and ice skating in Maine by visiting the farm’s website or Facebook page.

Have you ever been to Pineland Farms? Where is your favorite outdoor ice skating in Maine? Tell us in the comments!

There’s even more farm fun to be had here in Maine! Check out the pygmy goats at Smiling Hill Farm.

Address: Pineland Dr, New Gloucester, ME 04260, USA

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Winter in Maine

November 13, 2022

Where can I go snow tubing in the winter in Maine?

There are plenty of places to go snow tubing in the winter in Maine. The coastal part of the state gets an average of 50-70 inches of snow per year and inland gets anywhere between 60-110 inches. This helps make Maine a truly great place for all types of fun in the snow. In Windham, there is the Snow Park at Seacoast Adventure. Here you can enjoy two-hour sessions available on the weekends and holidays, with up to 11 lanes open. On Main Street in Oxford Plains, you’ll find Oxford Plains Snow Tubing. Enjoy five lanes of tubing here with one, two, or three-hour sessions available.

Where is the best outdoor ice skating in Maine?

There is quite a bit of outdoor ice skating in Maine to go around. Over in Bath, there is Goddard’s Pond. It’s free to skate on this pond, which is maintained by the town. It features a concession stand, warming hut, and is also lit. Although you might immediately think of skiing when you hear Sugarloaf, in Carrabassett Valley, there is the Sugarloaf Outdoor Center Ice Rink. The rink is NHL-sized and features rentals for all ages. There are even pick-up hockey games a few nights a week and family skating on Saturday evenings.

What are the most popular foods in Maine?

There is a lot of popular food in Maine. From seafood to soda to fruit, there are a lot of delicious things to have while you are in the Pine Tree State. Here are just a few of the most popular:

  1. Lobster rolls: While it’s really just a brioche bun with lobster meat on top, people go crazy for this sandwich. And it’s certainly not at all cheap, with the price based on the market.
  2. Blueberries: Maine blueberries are used frequently as ingredients within many dishes like ice cream, pie, beverages, muffins, chocolate, jam, and more.
  3. Moxie soda: This brown licorice-flavor soda was created in Maine in 1876. It is the state’s official soft drink and can be found pretty much everywhere.
  4. Donuts: Sure, every state has donut shops scattered throughout. But many donuts in Maine are made with potatoes as the base instead of cake.
Address: Pineland Dr, New Gloucester, ME 04260, USA

OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.