Enjoy A 30-Minute Sleigh Ride Through A Winter Wonderland In Casco In Maine

Maine winters might be harsh, but without them we might not have the same type of atmospheric, cozy conditions that we love about being here during the colder months. There are lots of ways to make this season special, but one of the best is by getting outside and experiencing the great Maine outdoors…including the snow! This incredible sleigh ride in Maine offers a unique way to enjoy the winter season.

Carousel Horse Farm is located at 69 Leach Hill Rd., Casco, Maine. You can reach them on 207-. Check them out online to learn more about these sleigh rides as well as their year-round horse activities. You can also visit them on Facebook for timely updates on availability and weather. 

There’s another farm in Maine offering sleigh rides. You can check them out here and determine which is best for you base don your location.

Have you ever taken a sleigh ride in Maine? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments!

Address: Carousel Horse Farm, 69 Leach Hill Rd, Casco, ME 04015, USA
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Sleigh Ride In Maine

November 17, 2019

What other winter outdoor activities in Maine are available?

New England is an absolutely magical winter wonderland, and each year brings no shortage of winter outdoor activities in Maine…. Especially around the holidays! Building snowmen and making snow angels are beloved pastimes, and so, too, is checking out holiday light displays. Tobogganing, carriage rides, winter hiking, and more promise to entertain locals and visitors alike! There is so much to do in our lovely state in the colder months that visitors should make a wintertime bucket list.

What are the best snowy day activities in Maine?

Some of the very best snowy day activities in Maine revolve around getting out and enjoying the local landscape. Maine is spectacular in the winter months, and our landscape is accented by strange and unusual ice formations. Visitors adore taking a wintertime hike in our charming state, especially if there are frozen waterfalls along the way. If you’ve never explored the trails in your own backyard, be sure to ask your nature-loving friends and neighbors for their recommendations. There’s so much to discover, and you’ll find that many places are hiding in plain sight.

What are the best things to do with kids in the winter in Maine?

In search of family-friendly things to do in winter in Maine? Our state is an absolute wonder, whether you’re here on a romantic evening with your partner or spending an epic vacation with the kids. Our state has a number of family-friendly attractions all year round! In the winter, sledding and ice skating are always cherished pastimes. Want to spend some time warming up indoors? Check out the comfort food at local mom and pop shops and diners, or find a seafood restaurant and prepare to chow down. Whatever you decide to do, you’ll understand why so many refer to Maine as Vacationland.

Address: Carousel Horse Farm, 69 Leach Hill Rd, Casco, ME 04015, USA