This 30-Minute Maine Sleigh Ride Takes You Through A Winter Wonderland

Maine winters might be harsh, but without them we might not have the same type of atmospheric, cozy conditions that we love about being here during the colder months. There are lots of ways to make this season special, but one of the best is by getting outside and experiencing the great Maine outdoors…including the snow! These sleigh rides offer a unique way to enjoy winter in Maine.

Carousel Horse Farm is located at 69 Leach Hill Rd., Casco, Maine. You can reach them on 207-. Check them out online to learn more about these sleigh rides as well as their year-round horse activities. You can also visit them on Facebook for timely updates on availability and weather.

There’s another farm in Maine offering sleigh rides. You can check them out here and determine which is best for you base don your location.