Thousands Of Singing Spring Peepers Are A Welcome Sound Of A New Season Here In Maine

The winter is certainly thawing in most parts of the state and little by little it’s clear that spring is here. It might not be consistently warm yet, but the trees are sprouting buds and flowers are beginning to emerge from the soil. In short, warmer and happier days can’t be far away. As we look for the little signs of spring, you may be wondering do spring peepers come out in Maine? Yes! Keep an eye out for the unmistakable sound.

You can learn more about Spring Peepers in Maine on the University of Maine fact sheet website. Have you heard their call yet? If so, let us know where! And, if you’re interested in more springtime nature in the Pine Tree State, there are some fanciful little fliers that you’ll definitely want to keep an eye out for!

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do spring peepers come out in Maine

March 08, 2022

What are some beautiful spring hikes in Maine?

While we love hiking any time of the year in the Pine Tree State, there’s just something extra special about hitting the trails in the spring. Verdant green forests, rushing rivers, quintessential coastline … what could be better? One of our favorite spring hikes in Maine is at Higgins Mountain. Located in Reid State Park, the trail itself is a little more than a mile and the summit is beautiful — especially during a colorful spring sunset! Another hike we love to take during the spring is in Alewive Woods Preserve in Kennebunk. This forested preserve is approximately 625 acres and includes the lovely Alewife Pond; during the spring when the landscape shifts from brown to green, this forest is like something out of a Tolkien world! Making this a springtime hike means seeing all of the wonderful wildflowers — but if you miss that, make it a summer trip for blueberry picking! Better yet — do both! There are about 2.5 miles of trails making up the entire network, so plan on spending a good couple of hours here.

What are some signs of spring in Maine?

In addition to the arrival of spring peepers, the hummingbirds are another surefire sign that spring is on its way to Maine. Each year in February, hummingbirds migrate from Mexico and Central America heading for the United States and Canada. Of the 300 different species of hummingbirds, about 12 make the trip north to our little corner of the country. We can expect to start seeing the first arrivals in the first week of May. Mainly males, this first group will arrive and stake out their own feeding areas. According to, females follow soon after and most leave by the end of September. That makes for an entire summer of spotting these beautiful, beguiling little creatures … how delightful!


Address: Maine, USA