You Can See For Miles When You Reach The Top Of The East Grand Highlands Trail In Maine

No matter the time of year, getting outside to enjoy the fresh air of Maine is always worth it. Mainers have hiked through wind, rain and snow and while we don’t necessarily recommend putting yourself in harm’s way, this type of hardiness is a testament to just how alluring the state’s outdoors can be. Choose any trail and get outside, but if you’re looking for something that offers a fun route with a beautiful scenic payoff consider this one!

The East Grand Highlands Trail is a beauty throughout the year. You can learn more about by checking our or visit Maine Trail Finder. Both feature trail maps as well as more photos to get your excited about the trip. You can also visit the official website for the East Grand Highlands Trail network to see all three of the trails in the area.

If you’re looking for more hikes with views, we’ve got another option for you. Morse Mountain to Seawall Beach is an easy hike in Maine that still offers breathtaking scenery.

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