This Secluded Beach In Maine Might Just Be Your New Favorite Swimming Spot

Of all the states in New England, Maine is not one that leaves people scratching their heads about where to take a dip. With more coastline than California (true story!) and plenty of lakes and rivers, if the temps get hot there’s always somewhere to cool down. But that doesn’t mean each one is perfect. Some can get so busy that visitors drive to find it only to turn around when there’s no place to lay their towel. This year, head to the beach we’re featuring here. It’s never empty, but it is a bit off-the-beaten-path which adds to its beauty.

Popham Beach State Park is open year-round from 9 a.m. to sunset unless a notice is posted saying otherwise. An entry fee of $6 for adult residents, $8 for adult non-residents, and $2 for senior non-residents is collected all year. Be sure to check the official website for more information. You can reach the park on 207-389-1335.

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Address: Popham Beach, Phippsburg, ME 04562, USA