The 3 Maine Restaurants With Rooftop Dining You Won’t Soon Forget

Special night? When you have the option of rooftop dining surrounded by beautiful views, it’s an option worth taking. Whether you have a special day coming up or just want to feel special on a regular day, dining on the roof is something that will always feel special. Let’s head up to the roof for a change!

What do you think about rooftop dining? With beautiful views like this, it’s hard to choose between these spots, but adding them all to your bucket list is a good start. Each location could be a different occasion if you plan things right! For more information about each restaurant, head over to the official pages for Luna Rooftop Bar, The View, and Water’s Edge on Facebook.

Address: Luna Rooftop Bar, 285 Commercial St, Portland, ME 04101, USA
Address: 16 Bay View, 16 Bay View St, Camden, ME 04843, USA
Address: Water's Edge Restaurant & Bar, 306 Eddy Rd #1, Edgecomb, ME 04556, USA