This Upscale Restaurant Was A Former Field In Maine And Offers An Unforgettable Dining Experience

Hidden in a little town called Leeds is an incredible winery. Travel a few roads off the beaten path and you will find a location that seems out of place. Willows Awake is a perfect getaway from normal life and it’s like stepping into an upscale fancy dining experience. This was once an unsuspecting field down a dirt road but has since been transformed into a beautiful magnolia-style location for meals and even weddings. You will not want to miss this hidden gem in Leeds.

Willows Awake is like stepping into a whole new world. With indoor and outdoor seating, great food, amazing designs, and beautiful scenery this restaurant is a must. With such an upscale restaurant you would be surprised at how laid back and down-to-earth everyone is there too. We can’t recommend it enough and the friendly staff at Willows Awake would love to show you why it’s so highly recommended.

Address: WillowsAwake Winery and No.10 Eatery, 10 Leeds Junction Rd, Leeds, ME 04263, USA