This Remote Maine Coastline Is Worth Every Mile Of The Trip To Visit

Just about anywhere in Maine provides a great jumping-off-point for exploring the beauty of the state. Simply walking outside can remind us why we’ve chosen to call Vacationland home. But, for all the obvious beauty there are even more spots that lay hidden and off-the-beaten path. The place we’ll tell you about today is one of the best if you’re looking for a remote spot in Maine to remind yourself that the journey is always worth it.

This is one of our favorite regions of Maine. The scenery is abundant, the air is fresh and while we don’t recommend camping up here this time of year – there are a few really nice (and remote!) camping spots to be explored. If you take this trip, take a few pictures and send them our way to be featured!

If you’re looking for a few other off-the-beaten-path spots, check out this article for more ideas.