The Sunsets At This Peninsula In Maine Are Worth Staying Up For

Blissfully tucked away like America’s best-kept secret, Maine’s breathtaking landscape of rocky coves, pristine Atlantic beaches, and endless lush green forests is a national treasure unlike anywhere else in the country. Whether visiting for a weekend or fortunate enough to call our gorgeous state home, there are countless ways to enjoy the simplicity and fresh, untamed beauty of the great outdoors here!

But of all the parks, lakes, beaches, and photo-worthy destinations you can visit in Maine, there’s one special place nestled on the outskirts of the mainland that offers some of the best ocean views in the state, and it’s an absolute must-visit for any true nature-lover. And catching a sunset here? Sheer perfection.

Come for the views, stay for the sun show! From majestic mountains to gorgeous waterfalls, you never know what you’ll discover while exploring our great state. Dreamy doesn’t even begin to describe it! And did you know that Schoodic Peninsula is also a known area for bio-luminescent algae to light up along the shoreline? There truly are countless reasons to add this majestic spot to your bucket list!

Is there a place in Maine that has captured your heart? Let us know in the comments! Or, give us a shout-out here. For a completely different view of Maine without even leaving your car, check out this roadside overlook that all ages can enjoy.

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Address: Schoodic Peninsula, Winter Harbor, ME 04693, USA