This Easy Hike In Maine Will Lead You Someplace Unforgettable

Taking an easy waterfall hike in Maine doesn’t mean you’re in for something boring. Some of the most wonderful trails in Maine are the ones that allow you to look around, see the trees, enjoy nature and remember why you’re here in the first place. Even better are the journeys that end in surprise swimming holes. If you like your outdoor endeavors with a bit of a payoff, make your way to Blueberry Mountain in Evans Notch for an easy hike that ends with a dip in Rattlesnake Pool.

And, if you want to experience the pool, but would prefer to work up a sweat first, we’ve included an option that takes you up the summit before descending for that dip!

Have you done this small and easy waterfall hike in Maine? Do you agree that Rattlesnake Flume and Pool are amazing?

For a short and sweet waterfall hike in Maine, read this article on Tha Cataracts at Mahoosuc Public Reserved Land in North Oxford.

Address: Blueberry Mountain, Stoneham, ME 04217, USA
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Easy Waterfall Hike In Maine

June 20, 2021

What are the most scenic hikes in Maine?

As one of the most scenic states in the country, there are quite a few hikes you can take in Maine for beautiful vistas and scenery. Both shorter to longer hikes allow for full enjoyment of the great outdoors. For a shorter hike that’s only two miles roundtrip, take the trail to Moxie Falls, one of the tallest waterfalls in Maine at approximately 90 feet. If you prefer a more leisurely stroll, head to Ecotat Gardens and Arboretum in Harmon to meander along 1.3 miles of trails through gardens, woods, and marshland. For more incredible easy, short hikes, head to this post

What waterfall swimming holes can I visit in Maine?

Sometimes there’s nothing better than enjoying a swimming pool at the bottom of a waterfall on a hot summer day, and Maine sure has many! At Kezar Falls Gorge in Lovell, there’s a waterfall swimming hole tucked away that not many know about. If you go, you may end up having it all to yourself! Head to this post for directions on how to get there. Another wonderful swimming hole, this time in the Rangeley Lakes Area, can be found at the Smalls Falls along the Sandy River. The pool beneath the 54-foot waterfall is quite deep and an incredibly refreshing place to cool off under the hot summer sun.

Are there any lazy rivers in Maine?

Does the idea of lounging in a tube and floating effortlessly down a river sound ideal to you on a hot day? Then you need to head to one of the many lazy rivers in Maine! On the Kennebec River, you can take one of the longest float trips in the state. Through Three Rivers Whitewater, you can rent a tube and they will shuttle you to the starting point and pick you up later at the endpoint 6.5 miles down the river. It’s the perfect way to spend the day relaxing! 

Address: Blueberry Mountain, Stoneham, ME 04217, USA