The Rarest Lobster In The World Was Recently Caught Off The Coast Of Maine

The mention of lobster fishing in Maine isn’t all that rare. In a state where more than 100 million pounds of the crave-worthy crustacean were hauled in last year, we tend not to bat an eyelash when we see them being brought to shore. But recently a rare variety was brought to shore and we can’t stop talking about it! The rarest lobster in the world is exciting, but when it’s caught in Maine, we definitely feel the need to share.

James Hook and Company is located in Boston, Massachusetts. Check it out, but don’t forget that the rarest lobster in the world was caught in Maine!

This isn’t the first time a rare lobster has been brought to shore here in Maine. Back in 2019 a Maine fisherman caught three rare lobsters in one haul! Have you ever caught something unexpected off the shores of Maine? Tell us your best fishing story in the comments!


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what is the rarest lobster in the world?

March 29, 2022

Are there any other rare lobsters?

Albino lobsters are one of the rarest, but there are others that stray from the typical. Cotton candy lobsters are also extremely rare and perhaps the most eye-catching with a glistening, iridescent color. And that’s not all. Other rare types of lobsters come in blue, yellow, and perhaps even other colors of the rainbow.

How rare is an albino lobster?

They are extremely rare. The odds of catching an albino lobster are 1 in 100 million!

Where can I get the best lobster rolls in Maine?

Maine and lobster rolls go hand in hand. Whether you live in the state or are planning a visit, a lobster roll is a must. Check out our favorites for the best lobster rolls in Maine that include places like Graffam Bros., Bagaduce Lunch, and Red’s Eats.