The Maine City Of Portland Was Once A Stop Along The Underground Railroad

We all know that Maine has history. Our history tells an important story about who we are today. Beginning with the indigenous people who lived here first and eventually the settlers that came, Vacationland has some fascinating stories to tell. But one piece of history that’s particularly important is that of Maine’s role in the Underground Railroad, which is often overlooked. With vital access to both water and rail, the state became a northern hub for the Underground Railroad. To help, activists in Portland provided safe havens along the way so that slaves could find their way to England and Canada.

You can learn more about the Abyssinian Meeting House on their website. To get involved be sure to attend to an event to support them. Or, take a journey on the Portland Freedom Trail which will then lead to the Abyssinian Meeting House for a visit. And stay in-the-know by signing up for their mailing list.

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Address: 75 Newbury St, Portland, ME 04101, USA