The Unique Hike In Maine That Leads You To Plane Wreckage From 1963

We hike in Maine to find nature. We hike to find peace. And we hike to get a little bit closer to the state that we love. Throughout Vacationland, you’ll find routes that bring you to the salty oceans, some heading towards serene lakes and others under trees that tower overhead. We’re fortunate to spend time in a place that allows us to choose from so many natural experiences. But, there’s one hike that brings us nearer to a piece of Maine’s history. This hike to plane wreckage in Maine will remind you of all that came before.

Believe it of not, Maine actually has more than one piece of plane-related history. This plane crash in 1944 happened in southern Maine and it’s one of the worst aviation disasters to take place in the state.

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