The One Park In Maine With A Covered Bridge, A Natural Obstacle Course, And Trails Truly Has It All

Nature trails are an excellent way to spend every day. If you hike to the top of a mountain or if you find yourself at a magnificent waterfall it’s always time well spent. Simply walking in the woods can be a great way to get fresh air, but what if there was a park that had so much more than a walk in the woods? This park in Bridgton, Maine is packed full of points of interest and wonderful things to find; it feels more like a natural theme park than a nature walk.

You will not find another place quite like this park in Bridgton, Maine. Pondicherry Park is truly one of a kind and worth visiting multiple times during the year. To see more of this park check out this spring video from Adventuring in the Moment. 

Another great trail for kids is the Reed Brook trail which leads to an amazing waterfall and has tons of fun things all along the way. 

Address: Depot Street, Depot St, Bridgton, ME 04009, USA