The Most Criminally Overlooked Town In Maine And Why You Need To Visit

Every year millions of tourists flock to Maine’s pride and joy, Acadia National Park. Naturally, many of those tourists visit charming Bar Harbor. Now, don’t get us wrong: We love Bar Harbor and think it’s one of the best places in Maine, but if you’re coming to enjoy the natural beauty of a national park, wouldn’t you like to experience it from a more low-key home base, one with all the scenery but none of the souvenir shops? Wouldn’t you like to kick back in a classic New England town where you don’t have to contend with all the other vacationers? If that sounds like heaven to you, you need to know about Northeast Harbor.

If Northeast Harbor whetted your appetite for more slow-paced small-town life, take a look at some other towns where life is still simple.