Enjoy A Secluded Beach And Stunning Sunsets At This Oceanfront Cabin In Maine

There’s nothing quite like spending time on the coast of Maine. Whether it’s in the southern part of the state where beaches are sandy and the views go on forever or the midcoast and further north where the quintessential rocky coast reigns supreme, there’s a special feeling you’ll get here. And we can’t think of a better way to enjoy it than this secluded cabin.

A stay at Bear Beach Maine is just over $300 per night. You can learn more about it and check for availability by visiting this listing on vrbo.com. And if you book yourself some time, remember to line up a canoe or kayak rental by clicking here.

To make your visit to this part of the state even more fabulous, consider checking out one of the most beautiful roads. This remote Maine coastline is worth every mile of the trip to visit.

Address: Cutler, ME, USA