This Entire Neighborhood In Maine Was Mysteriously Abandoned And Most Don’t Know Why

A visit to Maine reveals gorgeous coastline and wonderful forest. It’s relaxing, rejuvenating and special to the people that live here and visit. But, being an idyllic vacation destination doesn’t mean we’re perfect. Our history includes parts we’re not proud of, just like any other place.

Those looking to understand some of the most mysterious and awful parts of Maine history will find them at Malaga Island. This is the sad story of an island community forced to leave their homes and resettle elsewhere with little to no help from anyone.

Eugenics has no place in our world and the hope is that by telling this story, history will not repeat itself. For now, it’s a dark stain on Maine that we can only hope will be re-told to keep the memories of those that lived there alive.

One positive to come of some of the negative news coverage is that the island is now one of the best documented accounts of rural Black life in early 1900s America. The newspaper coverage allowed for the true experience to be shared. And, it’s a testament to the power of the press to share stories and true experiences.

For more history, please view this video which includes the work uncovered by a team at USM.

Maine has another deserted ghost town. This one is underwater and you can learn more about it here.