Travel Off The Beaten Path To Try The Most Mouthwatering BBQ In Maine

Some of the best Maine experiences happen when you take the road less traveled by. From hikes to hotels to the most secret beaches, the best of Vacationland seems to be found in the places where fewer people go. This amazing BBQ spot is no exception. While there are plenty of places to enjoy nearby, we recommend taking the time to find this spot which has some of the best smoky goodness north of the Mason-Dixon line!

Hours for Spring Creek BBQ are Thursday: 11am-7pm, Friday-Saturday: 11am-8pm and Sunday: 11am til 5ish. They’re only closed for about a month in May and again for a month in October. Visit them online here or give them a call on 207-997-7025.

Another incredible spot located off-the-beaten-path is this beautiful ice cave. Check it out here!