The Most Remote Spot In Maine Is As Unlikely As It Is Breathtaking

Much of the Pine Tree State can feel remote and off-the-beaten path, so calling the following destination the most remote place in Maine is really saying something! Drive just a few miles outside of Portland and you have the opportunity to be in the woods and, seemingly, miles away from any other people. But, ever wonder where the MOST remote place in the state is? We did! That’s how we came across a surprising discovery. Two biologists have been searching for the scientifically most “remote” place in each state and their research in Maine led them to Baxter State Park.

To learn more about Maine’s most remote spot and the journey to find it, visit the Remote Footprints website which serves as the main hub of information for the project. You’ll be able to see additional photos and video of the first trek to find the spot!

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Address: Main Street, Main St, Maine, USA
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Most remote place in Maine

June 13, 2022

What are some other remote places in Maine?

Pretty much all of Maine is remote, compared to the other 47 states in the Lower 48, but there are certainly places that feel truly like the edge of the earth, such as Katahdin Woods. Designated a Dark Sky Park in 2016, Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument is one of the most beautiful, unspoiled places in Maine… and all of America. The area is comprised of more than 100,000 acres that is home to an abundance of wildlife and amazing scenery. But what we love most about this beautiful park can only be seen when the sun goes down. As an International Dark Sky Sanctuary, the stargazing here is, pardon the pun, stellar, offering some of the most extraordinary and accessible views in the country due to its extreme remoteness.

Another place that feels incredibly remote in Maine is the Cutler Coast, a wild and rugged preserve in the Pine Tree State comprised of 12,000 glorious and remote acres. The Cutler Coast is located near the easternmost point of Maine near the Canadian border overlooking the Bay of Fundy. Its incredible beauty might be the reason for its name – The Bold Coast. Once you visit the area, you’ll understand. Between its untamed shores and cliffs, this area feels incredibly secluded and remote, especially when you factor in the journey to get there. If you’re not local, the journey to get here can be a bit tiring. The area is about four hours north of Portland. So, depending on where you’re based, this an ideal weekend trip versus one completed in a day. But, despite the possible journey to get here, arriving will remind you why it was worth it — and here’s why.

Address: Main Street, Main St, Maine, USA