The Most Expensive House For Sale In Maine Offers Million Dollar Views To Match The Price Tag

How many times have you driven along the coast gazing at the beautiful homes overlooking the water? If we had to estimate, it would be about a hundred. Per week. There’s just something special about the homes here in Maine. While we aren’t completely sure who lives in them, we like to imagine ourselves cooking dinner while looking out at that rocky coast. Although it might be a bit outside our price range right now, we can dream! And so can you! Check out this home, the most expensive on the market in Maine, and think about breaking open that piggy bank.

For more information on this home (and perhaps to find one more easily in your price range) click here. If you’re not ready to drop millions on a new home, how about a few bucks on a great meal that feels like a million dollars? You can enjoy farm fresh Maine meals in a private gazebo at The Well at Jordan Farm.

Address: Bar Harbor, ME, USA