America’s Most Anxious Place Is Right Here In Maine – And It Might Surprise You

The nerve of these people! Last month, the New York Times ranked the anxiety levels of all 50 states, and what do you know, Maine came in at number one in nervousness. Vacationland beat the national average by a jitter-inducing 21 percentage points – and within the state, it was found that no place was more on edge than Aroostook’s own Presque Isle.

I know what you’re thinking – and we’re as perplexed as you are. Presque Isle has a lot going for it: low crime, friendly people, a slow pace and beautiful natural surroundings. All the ingredients for a truly calming place to live. So we did some digging to try to get to the bottom of this ranking. Here’s what we found.

We all have different ways of dealing with stress? What are the most anxiety-inducing parts about the place you live, and how do you deal with it? We can all get through this together!