Your Tastebuds Will Love The Massive Ice Cream Cones From This Delicious Maine Sweet Shop

The only thing we love more than winter is spring. The only thing we love more than spring is summer. The only thing we love more than eating seafood in the summer is eating dessert. What kind of dessert do we love best? Ice cream, of course! And the only thing we love more than an ice cream cone in Maine is a huge ice cream cone in Maine. You’ll find that and more at this beloved spot.

Scoop Deck is located at 6 Eldridge Rd., Wells, Maine. They’re open every day of the week during the season, which runs from Memorial Day weekend through late September. You can learn more about them on their website. There’s even a fun countdown clock for opening day! You can also check them out on Facebook. To check out all of their incredible flavors, check out their online flavor board. There are so many, you’ll probably want to start planning now!

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