These 10 Magnificent Hikes All Lead To Maine’s Most Fun Swimming Spots

When the weather gets warm, most Mainers know to maximize their outside time. Even in the summer, we just can’t be sure the sunshine will last. That’s why you’ll often find us with a long list of must-do activities that ensures we won’t need to spend too much time coming up with a plan. Just check the weather, pack the car and get out there! The list includes a number of hiking options, but it also has a fair few swimming choices. But the best things on our summer-must list are these hikes to swimming spots in Maine. They all lead to some of the best swimming in the state!

If you’re more of a swimmer than a hiker, there’s a good chance you just pack up the car and head to the coast. If that’s the case, at least try something new! These 10 secret beaches are a great way to explore Maine this summer.