The Lush Forest Trails Through Cascade Falls In Maine Will Give You Respite From Stress

Despite living in Maine, life can get pretty hectic sometimes. When it does, it’s best to do something that relaxes the mind while also providing a reminder that it’s okay for things to slow down. We think that hiking the many trails throughout the state is a great way to do this. This particular route leads through a beautiful forest and ends up at a stunning natural waterfall!

You can learn more about the Cascade Falls Trail through Maine Trail Finder. The trail system here is a work in progress, so be sure to check the latest information on the Saco Bay Trails website before heading out. And, if you love easy hikes so much that you might actually love just driving more, we have something just for you! You can choose to skip the hiking boots and simply drive up to these 6 magnificent Maine mountains!

Address: Cascade Falls Trail Parking, 61 Cascade Rd, Saco, ME 04072, USA